Build a Business You Can Be Proud of: Pillar To Post

Building a business is one of the most incredibly rewarding experiences you can have, both personally and professionally. Growing a home inspection business of your own is something you can take pride in as it continues to grow in the coming years and decades. With Pillar To Post, you will be put in a position to find success with your home inspection business.

Making a Good Franchisee

There is no one defining characteristic of a great franchisee. Successfully running a home inspection business means different things. It means taking an interest in what makes homes tick and what makes them sick. It means genuinely listening to your customers and truly becoming a part of your community. The desire to help those around them is one of the traits of a good franchisee.

Another quality of a good home inspection business owner is a drive to succeed and grow. The idea of owning your own business is to control your schedule and make your hours, right? To reach that point you have to have the desire to work constantly toward that goal. Pillar to Post has proven systems to help you thrive long-term. The whole team at Pillar To Post is there to help and support you and your home inspection business from day one.

Dreaming Big

The home inspection industry is big and growing larger each and every year. There is no mountain too big to climb in regards to growing your home inspection business. In 2016, the average gross revenue of a Pillar To Post franchise eclipsed $210,000. Our brand, and our franchises, have grown 35 percent since 2012. That means that your potential home inspection business would be joining a marketplace that is growing at a solid rate and is becoming more lucrative as the years go by.

The whole industry generates $3 billion dollars in annual revenue. There’s also no one dominant brand name in the industry. That means you’re not fighting an uphill battle like you would opening a burger shop next to a McDonald’s.

A Chance to Corner the Market

Remember, almost every home sold in the United States and Canada is inspected before the sale is finalized. That’s why Pillar To Post has successful franchisees in 49 states and nine provinces. With so many homes needing inspection, your home inspection business could be in great shape to corner the market in your community and grow accordingly.

The brand recognition you would have in starting a Pillar To Post home inspection franchise would give you a leg up over the competition. With nearly a quarter century of experience, the Pillar To Post team knows how to market and grow its franchisees using an assortment of techniques and technological tools.

Pillar To Post knows how to grow our franchisees in places as diverse as St. Louis, Missouri to Vancouver, British Columbia. You will have peace of mind knowing that you, and your home inspection business, are in qualified hands.

For more information about opening a Pillar to Post home inspection business contact us today.